We can securely replicate your backups via                    to our offsite data center so you can recover your systems and access your data, even if your office or systems are not available thereby keeping your data safe for auditing requirements as well as disaster recovery planning.

  • Our backup and disaster recovery solution creates a secure, reliable copy of all systems in your IT environment. Not just the data, but also the operating system, applications, and settings.
  • We monitor your backups for a single computer or for thousands of computers from a single web portal.
  • We backup and restore servers, virtual servers, laptops, desktops, SQL servers as well as exchange servers.
  • Our solution allows you to backup your data every fifteen minutes throughout the day providing multiple restore points.
  • Using our solution, we consolidate all your backup images on a daily, weekly and monthly schedule to reduce disk consumption.
  • We verify your images when they are backed up and we can also mount your backup image as a drive so that you can see that they work (this also demonstrates file-and-folder recovery).
  • We can run your backup images as virtual machines while you’re waiting for new hardware so that you can keep your business running on our Backup and Disaster Recovery Server.
  • We can even pre-stage your recovery into a virtual machine so that when something goes wrong, you are already 95% recovered and can restore with a click of a button.
  • With our solution you can restore to any machine, either physical or virtual, regardless of manufacturer or  model.